Amateur Dog Pageant

Is your dog the cutest? The prize does not always go to the best groomed. Natural Beauty Counts!

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Obstacle Course

Is your dog the fastest through the timed obstacle course? If they are, you could win a prize!

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Dog Tricks

Does your dog know a really good trick? Or, if you remember “Stupid Pet Tricks”, we like those too…

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The Pooch Party

If you are a dog lover, or someone who wants to show their support for the Burlington Humane Society, we hope you will join us at the Pooch Party this year.

With an amateur dog pageant, a timed obstacle course, and a dog trick competition, there is a lot for your four legged friend to do. This year we have even included vendor alley where you can find some really interesting things for your pets. Save your appetite as well as there will be BBQ and water available.

All profits from the Pooch Party are donated to the Burlington Humane Society, to help support the amazing work that they do.


Sunday July 26th, 4:00pm to 6:30pm

At The Burlington Humane Society,
740 Griffith Court, Burlington
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Let us know your coming...

No registration or tickets are required and the event is free, but please join us on Facebook, comment and let us know that you are coming.