Is your dog so quick and sure footed that it is a natural winner at our obstacle course? Bring them out and see how fast they can make it through our course. They will have to jump over, crawl under, climb on, crawl through, and even run around the obstacles we have placed in their way!

The obstacle course will be constructed the day of the event to meet the requirements mentioned above. There will be ne judge with a stop watch to time the event. Every “infraction” such as a deviation from the course, falling off or not making it through an obstacle, etc, will result in a 1 second penalty added to the time. These infractions are at the judge’s discretion and may not be disputed. Each pet has only one opportunity to run the course and the time attained is their official entry. No second chances. The judge may not enter a contestant for themselves or anyone in their immediate family. If there is a bias towards a participant it must be disclosed and the judge will be replaced for that particular contestant. Please keep in mind that this is an amateur obstacle course and the goal is to have fun.

There will be a registration fee of a minimum $10 donation to the Burlington Human Society and a first place prize will be awarded to the winner. All registrants will agree to release the rights to any photos taken during the pageant for promotional purposes and sign a release form releasing liability to all parties involved.

Let Us Know Your Coming…

No registration or tickets are required and the event is free, but please join us on Facebook, comment and let us know that you are coming.